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Check out our new 0 to 9000 80 mm tacho as used on many Formula Juniors and Formula Fords.  We have added a Water Temperature and Fuel Pressure 52 mm gauge to compliment our Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauge - perfect for single seaters.


All Tachometers and 52 mm Gauges are now  fitted with small M8 connectors on the back surface of the enclosures.  Right angle and straight over-moulded connectors attached to a multiway cable are provided.

A new Tacho Filter box has been developed to tame the harshest of ignition systems now found on Historic racecars.  This is available free of charge to existing users and is fitted inside all new instruments.  


Please let us know if you would like a cable drive version of our tachos.  It is something we could develop. 



M8 Connector.jpg
M8 connectors back.jpg
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