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January 2021

Tachometers (rev. counters)                                                 Price £ (GBP)


RCA50  80 mm Tachometers, black or chrome bezel                                                430.00

RCA51  100 mm Tachometers, black or chrome bezel                                              485.00

RCA52  120 mm Tachometers, black or chrome bezel                                              495.00

Shift Light 11.50 mm diameter with IP 67 black anodised enclosurer

and 300 mm flying leads                                                                                            15.00

Small Ancillary 52 mm (2") Gauges                                        Price £ (GBP)

RCA31-T  Single Temperature Gauge with capillary type electronic sensor     185.00

RCA31-P  Single Pressure Gauge with 12 bar(160 psi) piezo electric sensor    295.00

RCA31-PL Single Low Pressure Gauge with 1.2 bar (16 psi) piezo electric sensor    295.00

RCA31-V or -FL Single Voltage or Fuel Level Gauge no sensor                        155.00


RCA32-T-P  Dual Pressure and Temperature Gauge with sensors                     395.00

RCA32-V or -FL Dual Fuel Level and/or Voltage Gauge with no sensors          225.00

Bosch Temperature sensors -40 to +150 deg. centigrade 12x1.5 thread

in place of capillary temperature sensor, add                                                     10.00



Pressure Sensor 0 to 12 bar or 0 to 1.2 bar                                                          85.00

Bosch Temperature Sensor with connector                                                         35.00

Capillary replacements temperature sensor                                                        25.00

Other Parts                                                                                         Price £ (GBP)


Infra Red Beacon                                                                                                             145.00

IR Beacon Receiver                                                                                                          145.00

Wheel Speed Sensor                                                                                                         85.00