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Custom Tachos

Porsche Tacho.jpg

We can build custom versions of our standard 80, 100 or 120 mm tachometers or even special sizes.  On this page you will see a Jaeger branded tacho used in Alfas, Lancias and some other cars and a replica of a tacho used in some early Porsches.  Also, you see a replica of a 30's Fraser Nash tacho but with an increased rev. range.   All these use the same stepper motor design with optional "chronometric" action and a tell-tale.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

2 1/2 inch Ancillary Gauges

SW Oil Temp.jpg
SW Oil Pressure.jpg

Here are some of the smaller gauges that we have made for Cobra cars - these are 2 1/2 inch single stepper motor gauges with electronic sensors and integrated adjustable warning lights.  Although the temperature gauge is in the original degrees Fahrenheit, we can supply them with Centigrade scales.  We have a Battery Volts gauge that is more useful for cars using alternators than an Ampere Current gauge.

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