80 mm Tachos (RCA50 ***)







Farringdon tachometers (rev. counters) use Swatch designed stepper motors to give accurate, typically + or - 1%, readings from a variety of sources including the negative side of the ignition coil and sensors picking up targets on the flywheel or camshaft*.  The stepper motors are controlled by a microprocessor which allows the tachos to copy period chronometric action and to control the tell-tale hand in different ways.

All tachos are fitted with eight way M8 connectors on the rear of the enclosure and supplied with a cable and matching over-moulded connector.

Shift Lights with a threaded metal body held in place with a nut behind the dash are available to order. 

*Call Farringdon for information on sensors and the new Filter box.

New Shift Light.jpg

100 mm Tachos RCA51 ***



120 mm Tachos (RCA52 ***)


RCA52-8-CB-D Type


Above left is a replica tachometer fitted to an Aston Martin DBR1 and other cars of the period.  Centre is a replica of a Jaguar D Type tacho.  In period, these were fitted to some light-weight E types used in competition as the production electric version did not have a tell-tale needle.  On the right is a Farringdon version of a 120 mm tacho.